Monday, February 2, 2009

Alternative Night

Alternative night was Tuesdays at the Vic, what passes for a nightclub in Grahamstown, though none of the clubs I’ve seen since would want the Vic dating their daughter.

Juggling Mix Tapes
We played everything from blistering hardcore punk to waving, shoe-gazing indie. Most of the music was only available on swapped tapes. This made cueing and mixing songs a plate-spinning nightmare.

The night drew a motley crowd of cliques, from Goths, Metalheads and indie kids, each with their own favourite songs, and idiosyncratic dances. Indie kids tried to look cool, head-bangers moshed in packs. Only the metalheads and punks danced like no one was watching.

Whiskey in the Jar. Only Not.
As all the denizens went in varieties of narcotic malaise, alcohol took a back seat. Kenny (Satan, Saddam Hussein horrible owner of the Vic) would complain “We sold four beers and given out over 200 glasses of water! What the fuck?"


Janelle said...

god. where was i??? stoned in the midlands listening to cat stevens i think.....?

fush and chips said...

Sounds about right. I spent all my holidays in the midlands, with a joint, and cat stevens, lloyd cole or pink floyd. It was that kind of landscape.

nicholas said...

somewhere i have a tape that we created for alistair's last night at the vic... need to dig it out and post the playlist

ps could have sworn that temple of love was the big sisters favourite at the vic!

fush and chips said...

Cool dig up the playlist, and I'll source song and put it up.

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